Cittaideale is an expert in co-designing advanced spatial plans for urban environments and landscapes. In its designs Cittaideale propagates unexpected solutions since the future is unprecedented by nature. In the design the major questions of our time are integrated: food systems, climate resilience, increasing biodiversity, water sensitive design both for droughts and floods and energy landscapes. 



  • Design for Reitdiep Valley and Moeder Zernike
  • Design for a Floodable Eemsdelta
  • Design for the Sydney Barrier Reef
  • Design for Western Sydney Parkland


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Design charrette

moeder zernike

The future is uncertain. The Zernike campus Groningen is eminently the place where new knowledge is developed, and therefore also the best place to experiment with new solutions which may be...

Latest projects

Smaakpark, Ede

Hoe kan een duurzame omgang met ons voedsel zichtbaar, voelbaar en proefbaar worden gemaakt? Dat is de vraag die beantwoord wordt in een smaakpark. Cittaideale ontwerpt het voedselpark waarin de...

Latest projects

Natuurrijk Nederland

Cittaideale werkt mee aan een plan voor Nederland waarin de stikstof- en voedselcrisis, de klimaatproblemen en de achteruitgang van de biodiversiteit in één klap worden aangepakt. Door...


Embrace Water

The keynote at the ClimFish conference in Kerala, India emphasises the need to embrace the water instead of defending ourselves against it. By...


“Rob underlines radical solutions for climate change with deep research methods and uncompromising senior project management skills.” - Bob Verheijden, Head of Department of Design, Minerva Art Academy
“Working with Rob is always exciting, he addresses the big challenges engaging a range of different experts, understanding systems, finding synergetic solutions and translate this into conceptually simple yet innovative spatial visions, local designs and academic outputs.” - Nico Tillie, Delft University of Technology
“Cittaideale brings creativity and design thinking to a range of projects. This design-based approach allows the development of a series of future scenarios that can be tested in relation to future opportunities and risks. The work is always grounded in current scientific thinking and is positive in its outlook. Cittaideale is focussed around Rob’s knowledge of landscape and landscape processes particularly related to climate change, and is brought to life by Rob’s ability to engage a wide range of audiences, from students to professionals and stakeholders through inspiring lectures and participatory workshops.” - Greg Keeffe, Queen’s University Belfast
“Rob is in zijn denken en doen een ware force for good. Hij richt zich met veel verbeeldingskracht op wat mogelijk is, ziet kansen die anderen niet zien, zoekt de samenwerking en houdt daarbij nuchter het grotere doel voor ogen: een gezonde, natuurrijke en duurzame samenleving.” - Folef van Nispen tot Sevenaer

Latest projects


Keynote meeting the energy leader

series at Delft University of Technology, Rob Roggema presents a holistic view on redesigning the landscape for renewable energy, water sensitivity, biodiversity and foodscapes. This viewpoint is...

Design charrette

Lectorale rede

Om ons heen zien we een diversiteit aan veranderingen en, voor sommigen, bedreigingen. De problemen zijn serieus en kunnen niet worden onderschat. Die vergen meer dan compromispolitiek en...


Spatial transformations

In this book several research projects that were undertaken in 2019-2020 are highlighted. This gives only a small overview over the sort of research the professorship is concerned. Moreover, it...